Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a down side to using refilled printer cartridges?

No. In fact there are a number of benefits. Not only are you saving money but the inks and toners we use are specifically formulated to match that of the original cartridge - so the print quality is guaranteed to be just as good, and is often better. There are also significant benefits for the environment too.

Are recycled cartridges inferior to new ones?

No. We use the best inks and toners available, and we also replace all worn and moving parts in toner cartridges. Each cartridge is then vigorously tested to ensure optimum print performance before we let you take it away.

What is a remanufactured cartridge?

Remanufactured is the term often used when referring to refilled laser cartridges. This is because as well as just refill them with toner we check all of the moving parts inside and if any need replacing we do so. Thus we remanufacture the cartridge.

How many times can my cartridge be refilled/remanufactured?

Inkjet and laser cartridges can be refilled/remanufactured several times. We have some customers that have used the same cartridge over 50 times, saving them 1000's of euros We clean, test and guarantee every cartridge to perform as well as the original, hence our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Does using a refilled cartridge affect my printer warranty?

No. If you check your printer warranty it does not state this. All our cartridges are guaranteed to match the performance of original cartridges under similar conditions however if a problem with the printer should occur, and it is established that the cartridge caused the problem then we will repair the printer free of charge.

Are you aware that some original cartridges purchased are sometimes manufactured from recycled materials?

Yes - the information is on the packaging. HP cartridges: "Made in Japan from the highest quality new and recycled materials". Canon cartridges: "Canon has implemented a cartridge recycling program. This cartridge may contain reconditioned parts and re-moulded materials".

I have not used my printer for some time and the printouts are streaky or a colour is missing, is there anything I can do?

You need to perform a head clean/cleaning cycle using the software for your printer because the printhead in your printer or on your cartridge is blocked. There are a number of ways you can do this depending on the type of printer you are using - please consult your user manual for the correct method, or contact your local store for further assistance. If the print problems persist (more than one cleaning cycle may be needed for heavy blockages) please contact your local store to arrange bringing your printer/cartridge in to the store for further inspection/cleaning.

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